About Us

About Us

I have been harvesting and peeling candy pecans since I was 5 yrs. old, it has since became my winter Hobby.

Took my first free fall that same year as Granny had me shimmy up the branches, to shake the pecans down for her. Yep the branch broke.

As a Hobbyist, I developed a Pepper Mix of 85% Cayenne and 15% Chocolate Habanero in a 4 oz bottle, along with refining Grannies fig preserve, great for fig cakes or cookies. Makes for a taste like none other.

It's best to dry them for 72 hours in a sunny airy location (this allows the shell to release the pecan nut). The shell of the pecan is porous and will absorb moisture.

When cracking pecans you lose 50% of your weight. Another 20% to get them to cleaned peeled. If you have 20 lbs. of pecans it will break down to about 8 clean pounds, more on a good year.

DO NOT store your pecans in a 5 gallon bucket, box or plastic bag; Use an old onion sack, citrus sack or something airish.

LSU's Forestry three-year event, ended in Winter 1917/18. Our Pecan Trees hadn't received enough cold air over the 3 yrs. before. Last year was sparse, but the magnitude of flowers hanging from the trees all across the area looks to be a great year.

Working on a Low Sugar Pecan pie, the pastry is less than a gram of Sugar. Looking into Coconut Sugar and Maple Syrup, I understand this combination Will Not spike your blood sugar. Share Your Thoughts on this combination.


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The location: 100 City Park Dr., Erath, La. 70533

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